As a young girl in Paris, Mélanie Massoni was introduced to the art of hat making in her mother's workshop.

Young Mélanie observed, reproduced, cut and sewed to dress her dolls, already demonstrating her own style. Her sharp eye and creative enthusiasm naturally led her to fashion design school.

And what was the reward for this mother who inspired her daughter's vocation? No fewer than ten years of success as a mother-daughter duo at 30, rue de Miromesnil in Paris, at their boutique, Authentic Panama. Though her creations opened doors for her to work any where around the world, it was in Brussels that Mélanie finally decided to settle down with her hat boxes and blocks. It is here that her workshop-boutique has established itself as one of the most distinguished outfits in the country in only two years.

Of course Mélanie owes this distinction to her unique know-how and high degree of meticulousness in selecting materials, as well as to her inventiveness when it comes down to creating a look or evoking someone's personality.

As befits an artist, she lets the materials express themselves first, letting their forms, shadows and light guide her before she starts heating, pressing, modelling, matching and decorating… all of which is done with utmost harmony and sophistication for your ultimate satisfaction.